I  remember what it was like to feel alone on my spiritual path and not know what to do? I remember what it was like to question my faith and feel like God has abandoned me? I remember what it was like to want so much to connect but not know how to? I know what is like to be on the verge of greatness, something so sweet you can almost taste it and to sabotage it because I felt like I  wasn't good enough? I was there and now I am healed, whole and living a life of abundant Joy with integrity and peace. 

If this isn’t where you are or where you’re looking to get help from, then consider your sister, girlfriends or family. Even consider your brother, boyfriend or cousin. Love them enough to give them the gift of the wholeness. 

I’m offering something I’ve never done before. It’s new for me because it is on my heart to be able to reach more people than those who have the financial means to have access to me. Money is the medium of exchange in this world so it does cost something but not nearly as much as a private one on one session. If you can afford a cup of coffee at $2.50 a day, then you can invest in your healing. I’m offering an online monthly membership for only $55 a month & group coaching sessions on Mondays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm and Online office hours via a private Facebook group on Mondays from 11am to 3 pm. The phone sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the recording to either download or play at any time with a private access code. On the Facebook Page you can post any question or situation that you want support with and I will answer it. Most of you have access to Facebook and are on it throughout the day at work anyway. Why not get in some productive healing time while you do. Posting it in the group instead of private messaging me allows everyone to benefit from your healing. 

The reason this is a GREAT DEAL is because we have been isolated for far too long. We have believed that “we” are the only ones. We are not alone and when we heal in community, our healing is multiplied in the collective consciousness.  

What will you receive? 

Insight, awarenesses and processes that others have spent thousands of dollars on. 
A great deal of help and support from me via steps and tools to make the process easier.
Messages that come forth just for you from the Higher Source that we are all connected to and have access to.
Access to a private online community
Encouragement from the community
Full access during online office hours
Weekly recorded conference calls 
Private meditation videos not released anywhere to the general public
Premier access to day retreats
VIP seating at conferences and workshops 
“The First to Know” access about “new” session, tools and techniques!

What’s the cost? 

Only $55 a month. Now you could be saying either 1) that’s cheap! Or 2) It must not be worth anything if it’s that cheap. Well, you are right on one count. It is ridiculously inexpensive. The cost is worth so much more. It’s a $2880.00 value but because you are in community, it costs less. Think bulk instead of individual! How do you sign up?

Sign up below with monthly payments of $55. You will be billed for the first two months in advance and then $55 on the last day of the month prior to the session start date. 

If you are ready, and I just know you are, sign up here.

I know that when you say yes to this you will thank me for it!
With much love and appreciation 

Can I be Honest with you?

Who you are is enough


Divine Development Program